Henry Bouvet 1859-1945. Le port de Marseille.


Henri Marius Camille Bouvet, known as Henry Bouvet was born in Marseille in 1859 and died in Paris in 1945. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon from the age of 19, a pupil of Jean-Baptiste Poncet and Michel Dumas. He exhibited at the salons of Lyon It was in Paris that he worked with Eugène Carrière and Alfred Roll. Very quickly he then participated in the salons of French artists and became a member in 1897. He was present at the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and received a bronze medal. He also exhibits at several exhibitions abroad, New York, Tokyo, Buenos-Aires … He paints many seascapes and likes to exercise his sensitivity to the effects of light, his style is impressionist. He also likes more intimate scenes, bourgeois interiors and portraits. Museums: Belle-Ile, Nantes,

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